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We specialize in Equipment, Working Capital, Franchise, and Vendor Financing.

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Equipment financing

Whether you are looking to purchase new or used equipment, our experienced finance account managers know how to get the job done right for your business. We offer customizable finance programs and customer service that make a difference.

Working capital

We offer a wide range of working capital solutions that are guaranteed to fit your business needs. Whether it’s for marketing or inventory needs, renovating your existing business location, or simply some capital to pay outstanding debt, we have a program for you!

franchise financing

Looking to renovate or remodel? Purchase an existing location or build one from the ground up? Refinance or relocate your business? Let our expert franchise team help tailor a low-cost finance solution for your next project.

vendor financing

As a vendor you have customers who pay close attention to every dollar spent. With our innovative and exclusive programs, you will be able to increase both sales and productivity and become the one-stop-shop that your clients prefer.


Private Practice Lending

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Use of Funds: Debt Consolidation, Tax Payments
Loan Amount: $38,000
Approved within 24 hours of applying!

Customer had poor credit, and was declined everywhere else he applied with prior to coming to us. The customer used a large portion to pay off some tax liens that were on the business, and used additional funds to pay off high interest credit card debt and improve his credit score.

Refinance and Grow

Location: Southington, CT
Use of Funds: Store Improvements, Marketing
Loan Amount: $35,000
Approved within 24 hours of applying!

Part of the proceeds were used to pay off a higher interest loan. Customer wanted to ramp up her marketing efforts, and used the funds to hire two new delivery drivers along with a marketing campaign.

Automotive & Truck Lending

Location: South Kingston, RI
Use of Funds: Insurance Premiums, Tags, Marketing Needs
Loan Amount: $150,000
Approved within 8 hours of applying! (signed all documents electronically, funds in his account SAME DAY!)

Customer was turned down at his local bank for a line of credit, applied with Priority and was funded the SAME DAY!

Private Practice Lending

Location: Fairless Hills, PA
Use of Funds: Buildout for additional office space
Loan Amount: $90,000
Approved within 36 hours of applying.

This doctor came to us after being denied for an SBA loan. Customer applied for $75,000 but was approved for, and ultimately received $90,000 in unsecured funds. He had the opportunity to build out some additional office space and take on another doctor to the practice.

Franchise Lending

Location: Prospect Heights, IL
Use of Funds: Store Remodel
Loan Amount: $45,000
Approved on a 24-month term with a weekly payment within 48 hours of applying.

Financed Equipment as well through Priority on a 5 year term with a monthly payment. Needed additional capital for leasehold improvements, utilized this line of credit.

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